Oily Skin

Glowing skin in the morning that turns into an oily slick by noon is definitely not what we would imagine a radiant skin to be. Oily skin and big pores are the result of overactive sebaceous glands that can be caused by numerous factors, including hormones, weather, genetic, wrong products, and overzealous cleansing. On the upside, keep in mind that those with oily skin tend to have more youthful looking skin! Most people with oily skin ban themselves from moisturizers or any kind of oils, thinking they would be adding more oil. This is not always true! There are plenty of helpful ingredients to balance sebum production, such as hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. Gel-type moisturizers will give the perfect balance of moisturizing and nourishments without the greasy feel. Avoid stripping your skin with harsh, drying soaps and creams. This will only cause skin to overcompensate by producing more oil (negative feedback reaction). Choose a gentle, non-irritating cleansers to replenish your skin.

Remain patient and consistent with your home care products. Having an oily skin in a tropical country is never easy, however, once you find the right method and products for your skin, it will love you back!

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