Dry Skin

Battling with acne is one thing, having a dry skin can also have its own struggles. Dry skin tends to induce tightness and itchiness, which can be overwhelming. Everything from weather, genetic, to the wrong products can trigger it off! You no longer have to be a lone fighter. The right products and ingredients to draw moisture in your skin and maintain it there is the answer. Piling up on layers of products is not necessarily the best thing for your skin; on the contrary, you will feel greasy throughout the day. Always start with a natural gel-type serum daily for about one month because dehydrated skin is incapable of absorbing a lot of oil. Step up to a water-based moisturizer; choose ones with natural oils that will deeply hydrate your skin and the oil will prevent evaporation. Achieving a velvety-soft, supple skin is possible!

In addition, as you ages, your skin gets drier. Environmental pollution is also a key factor to skin dryness and aging. (Read more in the following section “Fine Lines”)

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