Oh, we hate these little red spots when they appear and wish we could just erase it off with an eraser! Unfortunately, acne/blemish is a complicated monster that is rarely the result of a single factor. Here are to mention a few of acne-causing factors: hormones, stress, diet, lifestyle, and all the products that we apply. As complicated as it can be, there are still ways we can take to help minimize, and even eliminate, our acne. Understanding how acne occurs will guide us to take the appropriate steps.

To cut all the scientific explanation short, acne occurs when our normal follicle becomes clogged with sebum (overproduction), dead skin cells, and pollution dirt. This clogged pore becomes a substantial media for bacterial growth and completes the acne formation. Understanding this, there are 3 ways we can do to minimize and eliminate these annoying red spots.

1st – Prevent accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt

Method: Regular exfoliating the skin and proper daily skin care regime

2nd – Avoid overproduction of sebum

Method: Choose nourishing products that calms and reduces acne and understanding what triggers your skin’s follicle (Read on “Redness/Sensitivity”)

Avoid drying products as they simply irritate your skin and place your sebum production off balance.

3rd–Eliminating the bacteria

Method: On-the-spot anti-bacterial creams/gels will help to kill the bacteria if your acne has gone really inflamed and infected. Or you can choose to go natural with essential oils that will reduce inflammation, infection, and redness (lavender, tea tree oil, etc).

Additionally, remember to address your hormones and they are usually interrelated with lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can be difficult and have to be adjusted to the environment you are living in, but they tend to have the biggest impact. Exercise, good sleep, and eat colorfully are the best way to balanced skin!

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