Skin Troubles

The skin is not only the largest organ in our body, but also the most vulnerable one as it is the first line of defense against environmental threats. Our skin is designed to protect, care, and acts as “initial alarm” system for us. However, many people do not realize this notion as they view the skin as an organ that determines their appearance. It is indeed designed beautifully as long as it is given the proper nourishment and care. Instead of recognizing the alarms our skin is trying to inform us about internal imbalances and external damages, we often are at constant war against our skin. Why don’t we try to understand and listen to what our skin is telling us instead of just bombing it with chemicals? Developing an understanding of the root causes can lead to a healthy and trouble-free skin all year round.

Much like us infected with influenza virus, all those symptomatic medications will only temporarily fix those runny noses. However, when the 8-hours effect of the drug wears off, it all starts flowing down again. Treating the root cause of the disease (in this case the virus) will heal you permanently, including all the symptoms. Allow us to help you learn better about your skin and how to care for it.