Rosewine Sun Cream
Rosewine Sun Cream (50 ml)

Rp 499,000.00

An excellent sunscreen with a high SPF is a necessity especially if you are exposed to a lot of sun everyday. Sun is the main pollutant that causes rapid skin aging, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles. Being exposed is inevitable, but we can protect our skin from harming our skin. A light textured suncream with SPF 47/PA+++ to help protect against UVA/UVB rays. This inorganic mineral-based suncream is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, without leaving a greasy feeling. In addition, vitamins and antioxidants are infused and a wrinkle coverage system to camouflage those fine wrinkles.

Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Niacinamide, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Rose Extract, Wine Extract, Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract, Adenosine, Halosphere

Prior to makeup application, dab small amounts all over the face and apply it with a tapping motion of the fingertips morning only. Distribute it evenly across the whole face with the tapping motion focusing more on the wrinkles area, until all are absorbed. Protected from the UV rays, nourished with vitamins, and a good makeup base reducing wrinkles!

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