Our Story

The Piu inouïbelle is an antioxidant-based facial care line, devoted to giving the highest quality using natural ingredients. Every product is alcohol, soap, and sulfate free; made using the finest, most beneficial plants and herbs.

With time, the earth’s particulate pollutant increases, especially in industrial and metropolitan areas. These, along with sun exposure, contributes to our body’s external oxidative stress. We believe the skin, being the outermost layer of the body, are exposed extremely to this external oxidative stress which causes premature skin aging. Thus, protection from antioxidant-based skin care products which are targeted to fight this oxidative stress is a necessity. Combining Rose petals and Red Wine as our products’ basic ingredients, the super-antioxidant properties will enhance your skin, extruding a youthful glow!

“Having the privilege of experiencing life both in Australia and Indonesia, I have come to realize the impact of environmental changes towards my skin’s health and condition.

Being a complete antagonist to chemically-made skin care products, it has always been my dream and passion to educate people about the importance of maintaining a good skincare regime made from natural plant extracts” said dr. Beatrix Isabella, co-founder of The Piu inouïbelle.

Our promise to our customers and ourselves is to be fully committed to your overall health, well-being and to enhance your skin through pure antioxidants found in fruits and plants.

Every morning is a new opportunity to start on a beautiful skincare ritual capable of imparting amazing change. Why don’t you start yours today?