A regular cleansing ritual (morning and night) is integral to maintaining clear, healthy skin. The skin will be able to absorb any vitamins efficiently if it is cleansed thoroughly off dirt and makeup. Cleansing too frequently does not make your skin cleaner and less greasy, it will in turn makes it dry. If you’re living in a polluted area, please do ensure to spare half to a minute for proper cleansing every morning and night. Those blackheads that you see on your face have to be cleansed more intensely than the rest of the skin. Double cleansing is recommended after applying heavy makeup. First cleanse should be done with a make up remover and then followed by a gentle cleansing gel to thoroughlycleanse the pores. Infused with Bergamot Seed Oil Extract, The Piu’s Antioxidant Cleansing Gel will cleanse your face more thoroughly than ever, yet leaving it supple and moist!