Basics of Skincare

If you are new to skin care ritual and feel overwhelmed by all the terminologies used, let us explain it thoroughly for you. The right products when applied appropriately with the right steps will give you a healthy and glowing skin. Below you’ll find what we consider to be the Basics of Skin Care – otherwise known as when, why, and how to do what for your skin. Some steps are crucial and a must at all times, while others may be more or less necessary depending on your individual Skin Concerns or the time of year. We recommend you to read through all the steps to figure out what is suitable for you, but start by taking “How Fast Is Your Skin Aging?” test to find out your current skin conditions. Avoid layering too much products at one time if you are new to a routine skin care regime. Start with Cleansing and Moisturizing, and slowly add extra steps as you become accustomed to your new ritual. Be sure to give your skin time to adapt, and pay attention to what it says to you.